Satya Nadella discusses VirtualRehab in the Microsoft WPC 2016

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 (WPC) started on July 11th in Toronto, with the keynote coming from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. With more than 16,000 attendees from around the world, it is the most important event of the year for Microsoft partners.

The conference is held annually with the aim of helping partners by offering them the opportunity to create new relationships, generate new business throughout the partner ecosystem and even inspire new ways of thinking to increase profitability and business growth.
The keynote address of Satya Nadella (Microsfot CEO) revolved around the digital transformation that is happening around us and the opportunities this provides for new business. He discussed different personal experiences of seeing Microsoft solutions in action from his travels around the world. One such visit one he made in September of 2016 to  the Teleton Institute of Santiago de Chile, where he saw how VirtualRehab is being used to help disabled children and adolescents at the Institute to do the necessary therapeutic movements for their rehabilitation through gamified exercises while being remotely supervised by therapists. Mr. Nadella spoke of how VirtualRehab leveraged Microsoft technologies like the Kinect and the Azure platform to provide telerehabilitation to Chileans in remote parts of the country through a world-class medical institute like the Teleton Institute.