This module allows the therapist to take ROM measurements for upper and lower extremities as well as hands, identifying paint points and maximum ROM for each individual.


A virtual trainer helps show the patient the correct movements to make in a series of ROM exercises which used for strengthening and stretching of upper and lower limbs, while measuring the number of reps and quality of movement.


A suite of therapeutic game-like exercises that can be customised for each patient’s needs no matter their level of physical activity. Gamifiation is used to make the exergames even more engaging, therefore assuring improved patient adherence over time.

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It is suite of therapy modules for the rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities using the Microsoft Kinect.  Our solution makes it possible to retrain abilities such as balance, weight transfer, reach, endurance, balance, strengthening, cognition, and can be used in fall prevention training.


It works the mobility and strengthening of the muscles used in finger flexion and extension, finger abduction and adduction, wrist flexion and extension and fore arm rotation as well as hand-eye coordination, reaction time and attention span.


VirtualRehab includes a manager that allows the therapist to customise and monitor the therapy sessions based on each individual patient’s abilities and requirements.  he rehabilitation sessions are automatically saved (either online or locally), and provide in-depth analysis and reports in order to track the evolution of the patient’s rehabilitation.


Patients can now take part in cloud-based rehabilitation programs in the comfort of their own homes