New 5 games release

We’ve added 5 new games based on feedback from therapists and patients around the world that work various functions such as balance, weight transfer, reach, hand-eye coordination, trunk control, flexibility, bending, crouching, cross lateral movement of arms as well as increase aerobic exercise and fall prevention.

The new games include:

  1. Sit-Stand: Starting in a seated position, the user must reach a target then lowers from the ceiling with their head by standing straight up from the chair. There are 3 levels of difficulty.
  2. In the Kitchen: The user needs to reach objects located on high and low kitchen cupboards and place them on the indicated position on the counter top.
  3. Push It: The user places themselves in the middle of a ‘weight’ machine and must push a series of weights that slide out at different height back into place using a controlled movement.
  4. K.O.: The user boxes against an inflatable sparring opponent where targets appear at different heights which the user must punch with the corresponding hand.
  5. Side Kick: The user stands between two floor machines where a small ball is shot out of the floor and hovers at a certain height next to the user, who needs to reach the ball using a side kick exercising hip abduction.