For who?

VirtualRehab can be used in clinics and hospitals as well as in the patient’s homes allowing them to continue their rehabilitation treatment which leads to improved patient outcomes.


For which patients?

VirtualRehab is a product that allows the treatment of different functions for the following pathologies: Neurodegenerative diseases, (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s Disease), Neuromuscular disorders (Dystrophies, Myopathies, Amyotrophies and Neuropathies), Neurovascular disorders / Trauma (Stroke and Traumatic brain injuries), and Mobility for the elderly.


Is it approved ?

VirtualRehab is the very first virtual rehabilitation software to be classified as a medical device, registered as a Class I, getting the CE Mark conforming with the regulatory system of EU´s Medical Device Directives.


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La actualización de VirtualRehab 4.0 potencia la gamificación en la neurorehabilitación

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VirtualRehab 4.0 builds upon its success of gamifying neurorehabilitation for patients around the world

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Teleton avanza en la implementación de las terapias de rehabilitacion


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