For who?

VirtualRehab can be used in clinics and hospitals as well as in the patient’s homes allowing them to continue their rehabilitation treatment which leads to improved patient outcomes.


For which patients?

VirtualRehab is a product that allows the treatment of different functions for the following pathologies: Neurodegenerative diseases, (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s Disease), Neuromuscular disorders (Dystrophies, Myopathies, Amyotrophies and Neuropathies), Neurovascular disorders / Trauma (Stroke and Traumatic brain injuries), and Mobility for the elderly.


Is it approved ?

VirtualRehab is the very first virtual rehabilitation software to be classified as a medical device, registered as a Class I, getting the CE Mark conforming with the regulatory system of EU´s Medical Device Directives.


VirtualRehab Body is a suite of therapeutic games designed to help retrain upper and lower limb motor functions.


VirtualRehab Hands is a collection of games that have been designed for the rehabilitation and retraining of fine motor skills of the hands through various exercises that work the thumb, fingers and the wrist.


It uses the pioneering technology of the Microsoft Kinect for full body motion capture.  The games are entertaining and intuitive and can be used by patients of all ages and levels of disability.


It incorporates Leap Motion, a small sensor especially designed to capture the smallest movement of the hands right up to the forearm. Its diminutive size also makes it the perfect solution for telerehabilitation in the home.


Dr Nick Ward - Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Clinic Director, UCL Hospital, (UK)

“When we saw the possibilities that VirtualRehab offered, especially the customizable games and patient data monitoring, we were immediately interested in incorporating it into our existing services in Queen Square”

Pedro Carrascal - Manager of the MS Association of Vizcaya, Spain (ADEMBI)

“The objectives we try to reach with traditional rehabilitation are also achieved when using VirtualRehab, which additionally improves the adherence to the treatments and the motivation of the patients”

Manuel Murie - President of The Spanish Neurorehabilitation Society

“With videogames like VirtualRehab, more brain regions are activated than in other kinds of traditional games because the execution of movements requires a planning which involves many more areas: the visual , hearing, motor and sensory systems. It’s difficult to activate all of these areas in normal therapy”

Gustavo Loreto - Manager of the Meridia Day Centre for the Elderly (Mexico City)

“The service (physiotherapy with VirtualRehab), which will be offered in clinics, hospitals, health centres and in the patients’ own homes, will help improve the adherence to the treatments as well as greatly improve the patients’ recuperation.”

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